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Hi Noor Azura ,
Does it take you more than one click to access full-text PDFs?
Get a legitimate access to the final full-text PDF in just a click using Kopernio - a free web browser plugin from Web of Science.
Kopernio will identify your access entitlement and provide you with the best available version of the full text PDF. If you do not have access to a particular article via your institution, Kopernio will look for the best available version via open access or repository.

3 steps to turbocharge your literature search online:
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  • Travel with Kopernio across platforms
  • Get one-click access to journal articles anywhere online

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Trusted by over 2,500 research institutions, Kopernio seamlessly connects you to the journal article you need. Access your library subscription and enjoy a seamless integration with Web of Science, Baidu Scholar, PubMed and 20,000 other sites.

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